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Talent is 먹튀검증커뮤니티 never enough.


Scott Sinclair

Director of Football Strength & Conditioning -
University of Georgia

Hall of Fame football coach Tom Landry once expressed
the importance of character by comparing two hypothetical
athletes. He said one was naturally talented and achieved
success easily. But he lacked the moral fiber that only comes
from encountering struggle and rising above it. The second
athlete was not quite as gifted, but had undeniable character
and work ethic. Which athlete would Landry prefer to have on
his team? He said that was an easy question. He’d rather have
the second athlete. Why?

Talent is never enough. And without the grit and
determination to give maximum effort, talent is useless.
Landry said that outstanding athletes who lack character often
deliver mediocre effort, which translates into average
performances at best. On the other hand, athletes who have
depth of character (even if they possess little else) consistently
give their all. They push themselves to improve, and they
usually do so 먹튀검증.

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